A statement of purposes

Lafayette Commons provides a common space for the Lafayette community to come together online and to serve as a common repository of useful tools and information.

Traditional commons were plots of land that were available to everyone. The property of none, they served to benefit all. Anyone could graze their sheep upon the commons, or meet their friends, hold a religious service, a political meeting, or set up a stand and sell vegetables. The Lafayette Commons participates in that tradition.

Lafayette Commons is proud to have launched its first phase project: providing a full suite of professional-quality online tools to Acadiana nonprofits and community-based groups. Built on the Google Apps platform, The Commons offers free online resources: email, online web space, web site space, video access and storage, chat services, and extensive mobile/handheld support. A full-featured productivity suite includes writing, spreadsheet, contacts database, calendar, and web page building tools —Everything needed to bring those that would help build our community into full online participation.

If you or your organization would like to be involved please let us know at:

Watch this space for the launch of future community projects!

A project of Lafayette Commons...